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Meet MAD Thinkers, Makers, and Doers

Mad Production is made up of a talented network of creative experts.

Our creative team has the skills, artistic creativity, and experience to build your brand and boost your business.

Our diverse backgrounds and professional experiences bring innovative and bold strategies to the table.

With our combined skills, we push traditional boundaries and bring growth, as well as innovation, to brands of all shapes and sizes.

No matter the challenges ahead, we have the passion and the confidence to take your business to the next level.

Maxime Casa, Founder

Photo/Videographer & Creative Director

Maxime has always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit. Born and raised in France, he grew up surrounded by the richness of French art and culture and honed his creative eye from a young age.

As a fresh college graduate in Paris, he kickstarted his career in the commercial world. His corporate job yielded him many comforts, but his passion was not there. In 2011, Maxime decided to leave France and move to Dubai.

He had visited many other countries in the past, but he immediately fell in love with Dubai’s culture, colors, and energy. There, he joined a friend who worked in photography and pursued it as a hobby himself. A tenacious self-learner, Maxime taught himself the technicalities of photography and spent time with professional photographers. He started using his camera more and more and turned his passion into work.

Over the past ten years, Maxime has built a diverse portfolio ranging from projects with luxury brands to collaborations with social media influencers, bringing a unique perspective to content creation. Whether he’s using a sophisticated camera or just his phone, he produces high-quality visuals that are rooted not only in key design and marketing principles, but more importantly, in the brand’s truth. For Maxime, capturing the vision of each project through his lens is of the utmost importance.

Venturing into the world of entrepreneurship, Maxime founded Mad Production.

With his combined talent, he work with top-tier individuals and brands, delivering value and extraordinary service as he bring each client’s creative visions to life.

Today, he deliver emotionally resonant work that creates an impact and spurs engagement, all wrapped up in a tasteful aesthetic.

He is Mad Production.